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Lightning Bugs in a Jar’s NYC Festival Debut!

We have some exciting news! Lightning Bugs in a Jar has been accepted into the Manhattan Film Festival and it will be play on Monday, April 18th at 9pm at Cinema Village in NYC.

We hope to see as many of you at the festival as possible. Sara will be there but sadly Ian and Sophia have prior obligations and are not going to be in NYC at the time of the showing. They will be there in spirit though and wish they could see your smiling faces as well. Tickets are only $12 and you can buy them here:

Looking forward to it!
Sara + Ian + Sophia

LIGHTNING BUGS is officially in-the-can…

After months of secretive work, LIGHTNING BUGS IN A JAR has been completed. Sophia Betz delivered a wonderful edit of the film, which was then mixed by master sound engineer Ken Takeuchi at Onomatopoeia (the day after the threat of a blizzard, no less) :

Ian Simpson and Sophia Betz at the Ono sound edit.

Ian Simpson and Sophia Betz at the Ono sound mix.



















Sara Wolkowitz at Ono sound mix.

Sara Wolkowitz at the Ono sound mix, with Ken Takeuchi.















Later in the week, the Stolen Chicken Productions team (Sara/Ian/Sophia) met at sixteen19’s post facility at Steiner Studios. Reunited with Director of Photography Timur Civan, all four worked with digital colorist Andrew Francis and his team, perfecting the final look of the film :

Digital Colorist Andrew Francis at sixteen19.

Digital Colorist Andrew Francis at sixteen19.















A week later, co-directors Ian and Sara returned to sixteen19 to observe Andrew as he did some tweaks (giving-up the majority of his Sunday to do so). Upon leaving Steiner on Sunday, February 8, both Sara and Ian had a finished film, their creative vision for LIGHTNING BUGS… not only fully-realized but taken beyond what they had hoped it might be.

The enormous talent of the Cast, Production and Post-Production teams contributed to a film that, very soon, will be ready to be shared with the world (*updates on screenings, etc. soon-to-come)…

Final color correction on February 8, 2015.

Final color correction on February 8, 2015.


A Day in the Edit

The Lightning Bugs edit is well underway! I’ve been working on the rough cut since Ian, Sara and I returned from Catskill in early October.

Before I start editing in the morning, I make sure I have everything I need to get going.


Caffeinated beverage, check.


Editing moccasins, check.


Assistant editor, check.

It’s a fun ride seeing the scenes come together and reliving an incredible shoot with such a gifted cast and crew. We’re editing the film in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which works great for cutting RED footage.

Scene 13

Today, I’m working on Scene 13, a pivotal moment when long-held secrets are revealed in a conversation between our characters Farrah and Ben. Can’t wait to share it with all of you in the new year!

Watch this space for updates on the progress of Lighting Bugs In A Jar.

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